Proof of the Night: Music and the Great War

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Proof through the Night: Music and the Great... 

Christmas carols floating in the no-man's-land on Christmas Eve 1914; ceremonial refrains, marches, and folk songs in response to the call of propaganda ministries and war organizations; Opera, keyboard suites, ragtime, and left-hand concerts all testified to the unique power of music that records World War I, reminiscent of its battles and fallen heroes in the first decade after the truce. In this eye-catching book, Glenn Watkins examines these different roles of music, especially from the point of view of the Entente states, which threaten German hegemony on issues of intellectual and artistic achievement – a major concern not only for Europe, but also for the United States The late entry into the fight led to a renewed interest in defining America as an emerging world power as well as a young music culture. He shows that every nation provided "evidence through the night" – evidence of the dark hours of the war – not only for their nationalistic determination to sing the national air, but also for their power to call home and hearth on distant battlefields to think about the loss, long after the weapons were silenced.

Watkins's eloquent narrative argues that Modernism of the twentieth century was not fully initiated at the onset of World War I, but was challenged by a number of new alternatives to the pre-war avant-garde. Its central focus on music as a cultural marker during the First World War highlights the relationship with other arts, national institutions and international politics. From wartime scores of Debussy and Stravinsky to retrospectives of Berg, Ravel and Britten; From "La Marseillaise" to "The Star-Spangled Banner," from "It's Long Way to Tipperary" to "Over There," the music reflected the deepest doubts and aspirations of society. She alternately demanded or supported the legitimacy of the war, recorded concerns in miniature and grandiose formats, and inevitably expressed her grief for the final price demanded by the First World War. Proof through the night Finally, the post-cease-fire period in which memory and distance in the field of classical music produced a musical response that was often stronger than in wartime.

Proof through the Night: Music and the Great...
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Proof through the Night: Music and the Great...
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