CEP (Complex Event Processing) For Dummies - Hugh Taylor

CEP (Complex Event Processing) For Dummies

Durch Hugh Taylor

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2012-05-07
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Processing an outrageous amount of daily information involves complex event processing
Admit it — you handle a never-ending stream of data all day, and getting your head around that pile of info may frankly cause you many headaches. With all due respect to your head, put away that aspirin and subscribe to CEP. CEP helps you manage the influx of activities that you need to monitor. These data activities occur on smartphones, networks, sensors, tweets, e-mails, stock trades, and much more. With CEP, you can enjoy a better tracking system (and hopefully a lot fewer headaches). Open up this book and start discovering how CEP can help you.

Get the CEP basics — understand how to define CEP

Discover the uses of CEP — see what CEP applications set out to do for you

Differentiate between events — define business, call, and other types of events

Know the flow of event stream processing — listen, interpret, react

Open the book and find:

The basics of CEP

Tips for understanding the massive amounts of event data

The keys to successful CEP implementation

Why CEP can work for you

Learn to:

Explore the inner workings of CEP

Handle the huge volume of event message data

Listen, interpret, and react

Use CEP as a software solution


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