Falling Into You - Nicole Elliot

Falling Into You

Durch Nicole Elliot

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2018-11-16
  • Genre: Zeitgenössisch


USA Today Bestselling Author Nicole Elliot brings you three very different princes and their beauties, all making their own happily-ever-after.

This isn't your mama's Cinderella story.

Cinderella doesn't know this prince is a billionaire. 
When we met at the ball, everyone's eyes were on her. Including mine. 
She wanted me out of my tux as much as I wanted that dress hitched around her waist. 
I'll admit it, that kind of one-night stand almost took me to my knees. 
Before I could get her name—she was gone. 
I can't stop thinking about that night. 
Those dark curls, pouty lips and sweet sounds of surrender she made. 
I'd like to repeat what we did when no one was watching. 
She's the perfect remedy for my broken heart. 
But I never expected to find her working as the florist for my best friend's wedding. 
Only problem, she thinks I'm the groom. 

This isn't the fairy tale you remember. I'm a real beast. 

In the boardroom and the bedroom. 
Until a car accident ruined my f*cking life. 
I broke my leg, and my damn arm. 
Now I need a nurse to tend to me. 
Sponge baths and physical therapy until I heal. 
Grace is the perfect solution. 
She's deliciously attractive, with legs that would wrap around me perfectly. 
A real beauty. 
And the way she can't keep her eyes off my body? 
She wants to heal all my wounds. 
But I can't let her get close. 
See my scars. 
Feel my pain. 
I have to protect her. 
Because after all this is over, 
I'm going to make her mine. 

They call me Dr. Dreamy.

Loner, focused on medicine. 
I've lost so much already, 
It's better to guard my heart. 
Until I see her and I realize I can't stay closed off forever. 
Ivy is stunning. 
The type of woman to bring me to my knees. 
Tall, legs for days, and perfect curves to match. 
When I meet her, there's an instant connection. 
She is meant to be mine. 
But when she's involved in a car accident, 
I don't know if my sleeping beauty will ever wake up. 
I'll wait with her. 
Every day. 
Until my kiss revives her. 
Everyone deserves a happily-ever-after. 
Ivy, most of all.