Beginner's Guide to Google Apps Script - Barrie Roberts

Beginner's Guide to Google Apps Script

Durch Barrie Roberts

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2019-06-07
  • Genre: Software


A step-by-step guide to using Google Apps Script with Google Sheets and Google Forms.

This book assumes no knowledge of coding, Apps Script or of Javascript and will take you from writing your first script to using Apps Script with Sheets and Forms with confidence.

Every chapter contains numerous practical examples of scripts with every step explained along the way. It also contains links to the files used in the book.

It also covers some Javascript fundamentals, like loops and arrays, relating them specifically to their use in Apps Script.

CHAPTER 1 – Script Editor
CHAPTER 2 – First Script
CHAPTER 3 – Variables and getting & setting values
CHAPTER 4 – Loops
CHAPTER 5 – Arrays, Logger & Execution Transcript
CHAPTER 6 – If, Prompt, Menu & OnOpen Trigger
CHAPTER 7 – SpreadsheetApp & the For In Loop
CHAPTER 8 – Spreadsheet Class
CHAPTER 9 – Sheet Class
CHAPTER 10 – Range class & Triggers
CHAPTER 11 – First Forms script
CHAPTER 12 – Creating & updating a Google Form
CHAPTER 13 – Creating & updating a multiple question Form
CHAPTER 14 – Adding different types of questions to a Form
CHAPTER 15 – Using Form responses
CHAPTER 16 – Form validation
CHAPTER 17 – Form page navigation
CHAPTER 18 – Making quizzes in Google Forms
Further Reading
About the author
Appendix 1 – Code from each chapter (Spreadsheets)
Appendix 2 – Code from each chapter (Forms)
Appendix 3 – Adding Script Editor to your Google Drive and creating a standalone script